Regional Fresh Food Council BYLAWS

The Regional Fresh Food Council bylaws were adopted by the Council Steering Committee on January 5, 2018.  As the Regional Fresh Food Council is a new organization the Bylaws of this organization will be reviewed annually for five years until (2023) at which time the bylaws can be revised to be reviewed on a new schedule. This annual review will enable the Council to adapt to the growth of the organization.

Article I. Name

Section 1.1 The official name of this organization is the Regional Fresh Food Council, also known as RFFC.

 Article II.  Purpose, Vision and Mission

Section 2.1

The Regional Fresh Food Council (RFFC) is a community driven coalition which serves to examine barriers in the regional food system and use local and regional data to improve the food system in the five-county region of central Illinois consisting of: Logan, Mason, Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties.

Section 2.2

The Vision of the Regional Fresh Food Council is to have a thriving regional food system that is accessible, healthy, and efficient in the five-county region in central Illinois

Section 2.3

The mission of the Regional Fresh Food Council is to create environments that support healthy people and a strong food economy. 

 Article III. Priority Areas

Section 3.1 Priority Areas

RFFC will provide the following services focused on the Production, Waste Recovery, Marketplace, and Healthy Eating sectors of the regional food system.

1.       Collect information to identify and monitor progress of food based initiatives

2.       Establish and maintain a resource database for food system information sharing across the 5-county region

3.       Sustain a membership across all  sectors of the food system; to create and keep a forum for dialogue between food system actors

4.       Support strategies and advocate for policy that strengthens the regional food economy

Article IV. Membership and Voting

Section  4.1 Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to any organization or individual interested in supporting the RFFC mission

Section 4.2 Membership Expectations

· RFFC members will:

o Maintain up to date contact information with the Officers of RFFC

o Support the RFFC mission and its collaborative process

o Participate in at least one RFFC County Team or Action Team

 o Attend RFFC sponsored meetings

o Elect RFFC leadership

o Participate in the process of community health needs assessment (determining the health priorities for Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties)

o Participate in comprehensive local planning (identifying achievable action to improve regional food system outcomes)

o Identify and implement strategies as feasible that align with the local health improvement plan, land use plans, or regional economic development plans.  

o Share information about how RFFC strategies are being implemented locally (within their own organizations and/or in collaboration with another organization if applicable)

4.3 Member Responsibilities when Voting

· Each individual member is entitled to one vote

· Any organization with multiple representatives may designate one representative to act on behalf of their entity as the voting member during RFFC Council meetings. If called for based on needs of the RFFC, Organizations may designate one specific voting representative. The Chairperson(s) will maintain a list of designated representatives for organizational partners.

· A designated representative of an organization cannot vote as both an organizational representative and an individual member.

· The outcome on votes shall be determined by a simple majority of those present.

Section 4.4 Membership Term

· The term of membership is indefinite unless withdrawn by the member.

· Members reserve the right to resign at any time.

· Membership status and designated representative for organizations will be reaffirmed by the Chairperson(s) every two years.

Article V. Officers and Staff

Section 5.1 Ex Officio

Ex Officio for the RFFC will be the gitm Foundation.

The Ex Officio will be a ready resource of content expertise as it relates to the work of the region and council. If there is a failure of the Officers to be able to carry out their duties the Ex Officio will carry on in their place until such time as a new Officer could be elected.

Section 5.2 RFFC Co-Chairs (elected)

· Election Process

o Nominations for RFFC Co-Chairs will be submitted by RFFC members. The RFFC Co-Chair should have been an RFFC member for at least one year.

o The RFFC Co-Chairs will be elected annually by written ballot of individual members present.

·         RFFC Co- Chairs will be from a rotation of Counties. 

o   Peoria, Logan and/ or Mason

o   Tazewell and Woodford

· Term

o The RFFC Co-Chairs term shall last one year.

o If a RFFC Co-Chair resigns, the Ex-Officio will fill this seat until such time as a member could be brought forward who is eligible for election as RFFC Co-Chair.

· Duties

o Providing overall leadership for RFFC.

o Exercising general powers of management usually vested in the office of the Co-Chair.

o Serving as a spokesperson for RFFC.

o Convening and leading coalition-wide meetings of RFFC.

o Assist with nomination of Action Team Chairs.

Section 5.3 Re-election for elected officers

An RFFC Co-Chair must wait one year before being eligible to serve in the same leadership role.

Article VI. Committees and Meetings

Section 6.1 RFFC Council Meetings

· RFFC Council meetings shall take place at a minimum of quarterly.

· The RFFC Council will be responsible for convening any other committees as called upon by the RFFC Co-Chairs or membership such as bylaws, membership, fundraising, or nomination committee.

· The RFFC Council has the authority to identify and establish action teams as needed to fulfil the local health improvement process, or other regional initiatives.

·         The Council maintains a roster of members and quorum will be ½, as long as each County in our Region has a representative present.

Section 6.2 County Action Teams

There will be an Action Team for each for each County that works on one or more priority areas. Each Action Team will nominate and vote on their co-chairs. Members of each Action Team will decide their own meeting dates and times.

 Section 6.3 County Action Team Co-Chairs -

· Term

o The term of Action Team Co-Chairs shall last one year and is renewable for another year if the membership so votes.

o If an Action Team Co-Chair resigns a new co-chair will be elected by the Action Team membership and shall be eligible for election to two full terms as Action Team Co-Chair.

o Successive years serving as Action Team Co-Chair cannot exceed three.

 o After serving three terms, Action Team Co-Chairs must wait one year before being eligible to serve in the same leadership role.

· Duties               

o Providing overall leadership for the County Action Team.

o Exercising general powers of management usually vested in the office of the Co-Chair.

o Convening and leading action team meetings.

· Voting

o Action Team Co-Chairs can vote during action team meetings, as members of the team.

o Co-Chair votes are not prioritized over votes from other members of the action team.

o The outcome on action team votes shall be determined by a simple majority of those present.

o Action Team Co-Chairs have the right to table any vote until all members can be informed of the impending vote.

Article VII. Parliamentary Authority

RFFC shall be governed by the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order in those cases that are applicable or consistent with these bylaws. RFFC shall also be governed by any rules it chooses to adopt.

Article VIII. Amending Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended at any coalition-wide meeting by a two-thirds majority of the membership. Any changes to the bylaws must be presented for review to all members at least 30 days prior to any vote to change.